Friday, March 27, 2009

Billy's Wedding! First weekend of Spring Break!

My nephew Bill Little got married!
History of Billy and me...we are like brother and sister. He is 3 years younger than me and one of my best friends in the world.
The ceremony was wonderful, Stacie sang a song and it brought tears to my eyes, it was so beautiful and sweet!
I wish for them... a life time of love!

Nick and I left the church after the reception was all cleaned up, it was 9:30pm.
(Anyone that knows me.... knows I don't get out after dark)
Nick has a GPS that he got at he pushes a few buttons and we are on our way, from Texarkana, to back home in Longview.
It was DARK and rainy.
The little man on the GPS, told us to take a turn and we missed it, so he had to recalculate, we weren't on a road that you could turn around on, we had to wait for the next exit. We took that one and he recalculated the drive again.
Now, we were on the darkest, curviest, skinniest, highway ever...and no one seemed to live on this road. Another turn came up, we missed that one too but we did turn around and go back to that county road. This road was just as bad as the last one. It looked like Big Foot country. Fauke, AR wasn't far...
We came upon a sign that said Bloomburg, TX, to the left.
That's when I knew we had traveled deep into the countryside.
(I have a dear friend from Bloomburg)
Of course my husband was so funny during this adventure...comments,
"Girl, I don't think we know where we are"(Nick)
"yeah, Nick we are right here, as I'd point to the car on the GPS"(me)
"girl, do you see Big Foot any where?"(Nick)
"Good thing we aren't meeting any cars on this skinny, dark, wet road"(me)
"Why aren't there any cars? Only 10pm"(me)
"Big Foot got them" (Nick)
Well, we eventually came out on a main highway that we recognized.
We got home safely. Exhausted...yes.

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