Thursday, March 5, 2009

Good Bye...For now.

Today I drove 4 hours to honor a sweet 5 year old boy. He left this life in a car wreck along with his 47 year old Grandmother. It was a double service. Double sad for his surviving Mother, and the other family members.
As I watched the videos, and saw the love on that screen in those pictures, the thought came to special that he didn't have to leave this life alone. He was in the company of his grandmother that loved him dearly. They were together when they met Jesus!
Of course all of this sadness makes you recall things in your own life.
Perhaps I won't take the little moments for granted.
The big times always stand out, but the little ones, like smelling coffee first thing in the morning, like really hearing the "I love you's" sent over the phone. Smelling puppy breath. Slipping into a hot bubble bath.
So, on the drive home, 4 hours again, my soul sighed...
My heart belongs to Jesus, there's no fear in me for death,
only fear that I will take each gift He gives me of the time here and I'll waste it.


  1. Oh Valerie, how sad to hear of this news. But there is comfort in knowing that he didn't leave this earth alone, just like you said.

    I agree, it is time that we all realize how blessed we are by the gifts we receive from Our Lord. The simpliest of things are taken for granted, when they should be cherished with all of our hearts.

    Hugs to you sweetie.

    I have something for you at my blog, it is meant in gest, but maybe today wouldn't be a good day to come by and get it.

    Much Love,

  2. Oh my goodness, I think I have the wrong Valerie Lea. I am so sorry. But I still mean every word I posted. God's Blessings!

  3. Hey Valerie,
    So glad you went to the little guy's funeral. How tragic for that mother. Does she have a good support system? If I were in a wreck with mine, I'd want to go too.

  4. Hey Valeria,
    When Paige called and told me about the little boy and his grandmother I just cried.
    We take so many thing for granted everyday never knowing when the Lord might be ready for us. It makes you stop and think.
    Thanks for sharing with us.