Friday, February 27, 2009

Rotten Mood

Every time we blog we try to tell things with a lighter twist,
now you are gonna read about a rotten mood.

It wasn't a good mood day.

To start with there was no one certain thing that made the day a rotten one.
Just everything.
On days like this I feel a little guilty.
For one thing, I totally try to FAKE it.
I put on a FAKE smile, and cringe when I have to be cheerful.
I see so many people in a day that I have found if I let my true mood show, people get so freaked out! They act like I should never have a rotten mood. That even makes me in a worse mood.
So, today even waiting for one car ahead of me in line at the cleaners,
irritated me for the wait (which wasn't long).
I won't list all the irritations.
Because it wasn't the people's faults, it was just my rotten mood.

You've all been there, done that.

Home, is so wonderful.
On a rotten mood day, just closing the door behind me as I enter my house is a wonderful feeling.

Safe from FAKE.

These days are needed, so that when we have good mood days,
we will know the difference.


  1. Well "HELLS-BELLS" I know why you were in such a FAKE BAD MOOD... Umh... could it be because I wasn't there Friday? I think that just may have been the problem! :) Everyone is entitled to a BAD MOOD... Shoot I think that I am entitled to them the until June!

  2. Girl-you never have to fake those smiles with me...I certainly share my foul moods with you!! I do understand what you are talking about-if you come in without a smile-you get all these questions and it is just easier to plaster that big grin on and forget about your irritations!!!

  3. Let me tell you about bad moods! Girl I am the queen of them. When I am having a bad day I want to be at home by myself and no one calling or coming over!!! Until I feel better!
    Next time just give me a call and I will help you get through it.