Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pleather Beauties!

We have this couch and love seat that has been a pain in the a-- for the last 6 years...

Let me start at the beginning.
When we got the mobile home on our farm in 2003, it came with a couch and love seat that is the "pleather" fabric.

Plastic, pretending to be leather. ug. and ugly.

Nick dug his heals in and REFUSED to let us change the furniture for something more comfortable.
Nick's argument was that it was PERFECT for the farm, it wouldn't get dirty when other people came in with mud and such. (No one has ever come in terribly dirty)
Nick also thought it looked manly and good.
So, for 6 years we STUCK to the couch in the summer and FROZE on it in the winter.

I hated those couches.

Finally, we bought new couches for our house and took our old blue couches to the farm.
Finally we now have comfort at the farm!

Nick insisted we bring the "pleather" ones home to sell them in a garage sale.
Today was our sale...I heard comments like "those are pretty rough" people talking about the "pleather" beauties.
One lady talking on her cell phone says "Hon, I'm looking at them and they are bugared up."
Nick is kinda getting the idea by now...
Final draw we load the "pleather" beauties up to take them and donate them to Good Will.
The dog pound of all bad merchandise where it goes to die....
Nick still feels confident that HIS couches will find a home soon...
As Nick hops out of the truck to unload his treasure, the young guy in charge of all the donations left there in his charge, says......

"I can't do nothing with that"

Nick looks like a deer caught in headlights!
Nick says "WHAT?!"
The young guy says "we can't sell that".
Nick is lost for words...
Then Nick says
"What am I suppose to do with them???"
The poor guy says nothing. What's there to say?
Could he say...."not my problem"?
Nick gets back in the truck and I'm holding in the laughter.
Nick's face, ears, neck is bright red!
I CRACK UP!!!!!!!!!
As we are driving away, Nick says "I'm starting to think my couches aren't as good as I thought."
I'm thinking, "No Shit, Shurlock!"
We both start to laugh all the way home.
Very seriously, Nick says "What will we do?"
Very seriously, I say "I'll call bulk trash pickup for Tuesday."
Then we both CRACK UP laughing all over again.

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  1. What is it about men that they just don't get it? I don't think Steve would have laughed. I mean that's pretty sad when you can't give it away. Where's your farm?