Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

I'm going to tell you about a Valentine's Day a long... long time ago.
It started one Christmas.
I was a senior in high school and one adorable (and super cool) Nicky Neel and I had been going steady for six years with only a few break-ups throughout that time.
We had been talking marriage a lot, we even started buying household things like pots and pans and such.
(we started our own hope chest; for you, that remember that term)
Here comes Christmas time, and my birthday...I'm really expecting a ring and a formal proposal, I'm handed a long narrow box. We are in his parents living room, everyone's eyes on me.
I hold the package a moment longer than normal, my mind is racing.
I take the ribbon off. All is quiet.
I unwrap it quickly to get this over with..and I think..."WHAT?!"

It's a .22 rifle.

Nick instantly grabs it up and acts sooo proud of his purchase, showing it to his Dad and brothers. My disappointment is sidelined by their enthusiasm.

OK, I got a gun.

After our family gathering, and I return home everyone asks me to see my finger, expecting to see a ring...

I pull out my gun.

For days the phone rings from friends, everyone wanting to hear the news of a new diamond, and I have to tell them...

I got a gun.

Well, my feelings are a little hurt. Naw, my feelings are demolished!!! Of course, I discuss this issue with him, heated at times, but he would always say...

"I've got my own way, my own time."

A couple months go by, Nick even buys some new towels for our hope chest and adds them to our collection, of course all the while professing his undying love for me.
We regularly target shoot with


Now, it's Valentine's day. This is it! He will do it today! How romantic! This is what he was waiting for! How memorable!

He grills me a steak and bakes me a potato, gives me a small box.

I take it in my hands, start unwrapping it, I can't believe it!!!

A case of .22 shells for....

my new gun.

I cried. Right there in front of him. oh well. We should share our grief and I was so sad.
But, time went on, we didn't break up and somehow I understood my strange and unpredictable, cool and adorable, smart boyfriend.
He was smart enough to know we needed to wait to get married for several reasons.

We did get engaged, October of 1977.
We got married December31,1977.

His way, his time.
He said "We've gone together forever, so no need in a long engagement, and if we marry before January 1st I can claim you on my income taxes, your mom will understand".
Well, as crazy as this makes ME sound...I always knew Nick had my heart. I always knew however it went, we'd be happy. Yes, I'm a trusting soul....

Here we are many years later and
we both agree there's no need for fancy cards, or pretty flowers.
But he cooked me the best boiled shrimp and potatoes, and his own homemade shrimp sauce!
So, this is our 38th Valentine's Day.(7 years of courtship; 31 of marriage).

And even after all this time he still thinks

a gun is the BEST gift ever!!!!!


  1. Girl-you are too cute!!! I love that story...reminds me of Greg!!!

  2. A gun, uh....a gun. I don't know what to say. He doesn't sound real romantic, but it worked, right? If he's half as great as you, he is something else!