Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Farm

Nick and I just had three days at our farm.

Before we went to the farm Nick and I watched a slasher movie(we weren't sure it was one til after so much time was invested we felt we needed to finish it)
In this movie a couple were staying in a cabin way out of town and people knocked on the door and then proceeded to torment them and eventually kill them.

The first night I sorta started thinking of that movie.

Now, I do not normally get freaked out or scared very easy, unless it's over a mouse.
As bed time approached, my mind started playing tricks on me.
Sounds outside, my heart would race.
Finally, I say to Nick "are any of your guns loaded in here?"
"Yeah, the ones in the corner, the pistol in the closet, why?"
"I just feel a little spooked, thinking about that movie"
As I settled into my pillow, to sleep, I think how far the nearest person is to the farm.
As sleep takes me over, I have a dream of running from bad people, people trying to kill me, and Nick can't save me.
I must have ran from the bad people all night because when I woke the next morning I was sore all over and still very tired.
I won't be watching slasher movies ever again even by accident!

The days and nights were fine after that first night.
We rode the fields and woods in our Ranger. One deer feeder was torn apart, screws and all. After some detective work Nick determined it was a racoon's fault.
Nick repaired it and off we went.

Nick's younger brother came down to see us two of the three nights. One of those nights he killed a wild hog. Good riddance...they tear up the land so badly, all farmers hate them and their destruction. The next day the buzzards were very busy with the dead hog. It's amazing how God has made everything with such a plan and purpose.
Buzzards...even their name seems so sinister.
But, they have a cool.

I walked some and sat alone in a deer stand, to watch the wind whip around, and the birds at play. I didn't get to see another animal even though I was patient and quiet.
It's like that sometimes.
Then other times, we can sit on the porch and see deer like crazy.

No matter.
The time spent at the farm is a refresher for us.
It's a time that we can reconnect, with each other and our selves.

Nick comes in all dirty, with a big smile on his face. Something as easy as driving the tractor and pushing trees out of the way of a path that have fallen.
You can tell, it just feels good to him.

When the days came to a close and the dark enveloped us out there in the bottoms, it's a simpler place and time.
A happy place.

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  1. Okay, where is this farm? Steve would love a weekend farm, me too. And thanks for being a follower on my blog as well. Love yours.