Friday, January 23, 2009

Gentle Giant

Once there was a little blond girl that had pig tails and sad eyes.
The twelve years that had been her life,so far, were filled with lots of tears and many, many fears.
All of the fear, left one day.
Replacing the fear was no direction, no guidance.
Most days she was wobbly through the growing times. Her teenage years were unguided, loose and insecure.

A constant thing in her life, was an Uncle that always cared for her. He lived across town and had his own troubles and heartaches of past times. As the years went by, he would always come by just to talk... to ask how her week at school was...ask about her boyfriend, just a talk in general. A talk that let her know she was loved and important to him.

The blond pigged tailed girl, turned into a young lady, ready to get married, she asked this special uncle to walk her down the isle to her new life with the man she chose for her husband.

The big and little events in her life, she always had the uncle there to hold her new babies and to applaud her life.

He's a simple man, but always ready to laugh and enjoy a good visit.
His strong arms, and his consistent, laid back style was a stabilizer for her.

As time passes she has more insight into the true character of her uncle and she truly sees a Gentle Giant.
The best kind of man.

Tonight, she received a phone call from the Gentle Giant. His body is weakening but his mind and wit is strong.

The love between them is evident, and expressed with words.

How blessed she is to have the Gentle Giant...

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