Sunday, January 18, 2009


Oh my Goodness, the sun has made an appearance! As the days in January go, the sun is a distant cousin, but today it's here!
I enjoy the sunbeams that shine through windows in my house. In the years I had small children and worked at home, I would only clean the rooms of my house as the sunbeams were shining in. When my babies had diaper rashes I'd take their diapers off and lay them in a sunbeam shining through the window. It really seemed to help the rash. I would only iron clothes at dark(or on cloudy days) so I wouldn't waste any sun time....
I love for the sun to dance across the room, perhaps because home is my most favorite place on earth and the sun makes me happy too.
Take dogs and sunbeams too..... it's a slice of heaven, to see a dog laying in the sun all stretched out, and he barely raises his head to look at you and his eyes are squinted almost shut and a hint of a dog smile, on their lips.
Sometimes, at night when things feel bleak, lonesome, worrisome, all that seems to ebb away when the sun comes up. It all seems to be lighter than the night before.
If I was a flower child from the 60's I probably would've wanted to name my daughter, Sunbeam.
Seems to me, sunshine is like God smiling straight at me.
I love sunbeams!

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