Monday, January 19, 2009

Let's Talk About TV Shows...

Monday is one of the BEST nights for TV, in my opinion. If you enjoy mindless shows that require very little intellect and kind of night!

I start out with The Big Bang Theory at 7pm. These nerds are soooo funny! I don't understand what they are talking about all the time but I adore how they say those smart things!!!! Sheldon is a hoot!!!!

The next show I watch is How I Met Your Mother. This group on this show ,remind me of Friends. The writers don't seem to be as funny and quick as the ones for Friends, but still funny just the same. If I still had small kids at home this couldn't be watched. It has way too much sex talk in it.

True Beauty is on at 9pm. Talk about a show that really hits all the good points!
A group of people all chosen because they are pretty, but are being chosen for the beauty they have inside. They are watched on hidden cameras and chosen to stay if they do the right thing. This is a reality show and I like it a lot. This would be a good show for teenagers to watch in my opinion. Totally entertaining!

Ok, here's the last one...Momma's Boy's....another reality show of mom's helping their boys pick out a girl. Really a dumb show, but it hooked me....the moms are unbelievable....also on at 9 pm.

I record all these and FF all commercials and it doesn't take long to watch them...
I've always wanted to give reports on movies or shows. Whether it was fun for you to read I don't know, but it sure was fun for me to report...more later.

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  1. Whoo-hoo! I love it... Keep'um coming!!!

    Amanda Laine