Saturday, June 6, 2009

Showers....Gifts Galore!

a wedding shower for a dear friend's daughter.

Friends gather to put out food made with our own hands on fancy plates, flowers arranged to create the "awww" effect.
Punch, ice water in a beautiful crystal decanter.
The gift giving, the ribbons saved,
the paper torn off and tossed aside.
The gifts are displayed on another beautiful table with care.
All the while, smiles and hugs and "oo's" and "aww's" being shared.

I stand aside and watch the room.
No matter what kind of shower we are providing, wedding or baby shower,
our group of girls delight in the new anticipated happiness for the recipient.
Our group of friends hold hands
and dry each others tears at funerals that we have to attend.

These women have heart.

I'm so happy that through this chapter of my life God has provided me with
this group.
Everyone is not of the same denomination of church.
Some are loud and obnoxious
(like me and a few others)
Some are quiet.
Some are more comfortable financially.
Some are not.
Some came from the country.
Some are city girls.
Some are real prayer warriors,
and those that aren't have strength in other areas as needed.

Ok, now let's really get to it...we love laughs!
Each one has their own struggles, their own fights against life,
but give us one little tidbit of laughter and we LOVE it!
We can take one CRAZY episode out of our daily encounters,
and run with it!
Sure, holding the hands, drying the tears, and strengthening each other throughout troubled times is so important.
But, without the laughter that would get dry, dull, and very depressing.
I love our mixture!

Today as I saw faces enter the room that no longer work along side us,
I realize their chapter ended with us at work but will forever be a part of us.

Yes, we have heart.
and true love.
I'm so glad I have my girls...they are MY gift, each day.


  1. Aww ... how sweet/how true. I love you and each of those GIRLS.

  2. Man I wish we BOTH had drinks in our hands... that would have been one heck of a toast! So I will pretend with my big glass of ice cold WATER... I raise it high... TO THE GIRLS! :) Love ya!

  3. I had fun too! We are a great group of people aren't we?? :-)