Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Three Year Olds!

I am notorious for re-telling stories. You know, events that have happened, that brought a tear to my eyes, or a rumble of laughter. I'm about to re-tell a few that just deserve a blog about them.

There are so many happenings in raising our children to be recalled...

Randal (my son) three years old....
He had a bookcase headboard on his bed. He had every kind of hat you could imagine; cowboy hat, baseball caps, safari hat, coon tail hat(like Daniel Boone's), top hat, etc.
After we would say our prayers and tuck him in, then returning to check on him, Randal would have on a hat and be sound asleep.
Night after night, when we would go back in to check on him, sound asleep, yet a DIFFERENT hat on his sleeping head. After about two weeks, one day at nap time, I laid across his bed to rest with him. I thought to ask him about the different hats at night. He told me
"different hats for different dreams, mom". Just like I should have known....

Amber (my daughter) three years old...
She LOVED her pacifier! By three years old we were putting the pacie up until a car ride, nap time or night time bed time. If she wanted it in-between she knew she had to go lay down in the bed to get it and sometimes she'd just take a "pacie break", get it off her dresser and lay down on her bed, all by herself, just knowing the rules. Now, that you have the picture of the love affair between her and her pacie...
One day Nick and I went to pick the kids up from my mother's house. They had been there for a few days, for a visit. Of course as all kids do when they were reunited with us they instantly got whiney and irritable with each other and anyone else that entered their paths. We got them all strapped into the back seats, and were settled in to travel. Randal reached over and popped Amber's pacie out of her mouth by the ring. She squeals, and whines. Puts it back in her mouth after retrieving it, and the aggravating brother does it again! As this happens a few times, and Nick and I are so glad to be with them again, we still are looking forward, and are hoping this too shall pass... we hear........ from our angelic, presious, tiny three year old's mouth....
Amber takes her pacie out, looks at 6 year old Randal, and says......
"If you don't leave my pacie alone, I will make your life a living hell." ?????!!!!!!!!
Exact words.
Randal was speechless, Nick and I was STUNNED...where did that come from???
Of course, we knew, she'd been with her Mimi a few days!!!hahahaha
We never addressed it, how could we? We were trying so hard to hide our laughter! We sure didn't want her to repeat that at Mother's Day Out or Sunday School when another child irritated her!
Mimi says she never said that around her, it was probably on one of her soap operas one of those days. Yeah right. hahahaha
Yeah, from early on we knew Amber could and would, speak her mind if the situation calls for it!
After all, she is her Mimi's granddaughter.

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  1. More stories... More stories! That was precious about Randal and as for Miss Amber... priceless! I laughed so hard! Nothing better than a SMART 3 year old that can hold her own! More Stories please!