Monday, June 8, 2009

Whatcha goin to do?

The last few days I have come in contact with a couple of people that have made me think of what I'm gonna be like when I'm 70 something...

First one: She's dressed really cute, smiley, and during our talk she tells me of a group of friends she has that meet together and they eat and play games once a week or more if they want. Her grown grandson even makes a comment, "don't you eat with family anymore?" He wanted her company so badly, yet she wasn't just hanging on to family for dear life. Therefore she's interesting to family, gives them something to talk about...friends, games, etc.

Second one: She dressed without much care. During our brief talk, I heard how depressing it was to be retired. How she doesn't have much contact with others.
Her husband is sick, her sister died 4 years ago and the nephew from her wrote her a thank you note for a graduation gift sent to him and addressed the note Mr. and Mrs.
not aunt and uncle. She said the sister that died was the "one" in the family that pulled everyone together, and how no one comes to see them now, not even her own children. The grandchildren she retired to keep have grown up and gone their way.
A daughter -in- law doesn't know them, and acts like she doesn't want to know them, polite, yet stand-offish.

Ok, People, which one will you be???????

Will you see old age as a time to say what you want, play what you want, spend time with who you want???

Of course this does go back to who we are throughout our lives.

Are you one to pick up the phone and create your own invites?
Or do you wait for the phone to ring and be invited?

Do you call a friend and hang up not really knowing what that friend is doing, or thinking?
Do you only relate what is relevant in your life? Or do you pull that friend into yours?
Do you find interest in others that are different from you?
Do you listen to the World News, and make yourself knowledgeable, interesting, and current?
Do you hold grudges and pout with the passive aggressive ways, stewing inside that no one does you right?

You know the old saying "Be a friend to have a friend", it's true all of our lives...even in our golden years. Even for family, especially as everyone gets grown and can actually choose which aunt to go see...haha!
So, come on ladies! Figure it out! If your phones not ringing now...

it will ring less later!

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